Computer Development And Design Course Trio

It's not exactly news that web development is one of the most valuable skills to have in the modern workforce. That's why we've decided to throw a spotlight on three comprehensive courses focused on three very different aspects of the art. If all you'd like to do is make a website for yourself (or maybe pick up some extra cash designing for others), then the Complete Web Developer Course is where it's at. These 28 hours of interactive lessons will equip you to make 14 different types of websites—one of them will probably suit your needs. The Graphic Design Certification school fills in a different, equally important set of skills and helps make sure your new website is as pleasing to the eye as it is intuitive to navigate. Finally, the School of Game Design is for those gamers who want to take the next steps into game development, offering lifetime access to design tools for all levels of experience.

Want to make a website? Check out the Complete Web Development Course ($14.99)

Want to make it pretty? Get lifetime access to the Graphic Design Certification School ($39)

Want to make it fun? Start with the School of Game Design ($69)

Written by Curiosity Staff June 12, 2017

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