Complete Machine Learning Course

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Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence where the computer is capable of put together data over time without explicitly being programmed to do so. That means that it's capable of analyzing far more than any human would be able to, and make connections that might otherwise escape our grasp. That's why we're so excited to feature The Complete Machine Learning Bundle, a set of 10 courses that can equip you to design and use your own A.I. buddy.

The Complete Machine Learning Bundle is currently available for $39—that's 95% off its normal price.

You can start out with an introduction to the basics of machine learning, or go even further back to a crash course in Python programming. Then, move on to a Twitter analysis course that can help you better understand how your organization is being seen online, or let your A.I. start making you money with the Quant Trading Using Machine Learning course.

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