Common Mistakes To Avoid When Grilling

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Grilling isn't quite as simple as throwing meat on until delicious smells fill the air. Because grilling can be more complicated than it looks, there are plenty of common mistakes people make when prepping for a barbecue. One common misconception is that cooking on a dirty grill can add flavor to the meat. But, no. All that does is dirty the meal. Another common theory is that if the flame is hot, the meat is ready to go on. But this isn't necessarily the case. Though the fire feels hot on your hand, the grates on the grill may still be cool. This heat you feel is infrared heat, and not the conductive heat which will better help cook the meats. To prevent this, preheat your grill for about ten minutes before you begin cooking on it. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

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Written by Curiosity Staff July 1, 2016