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Coffins Hang On Sides Of Mountains In Sagada, Philippines

Coffins Hang On Sides Of Mountains In Sagada, Philippines

What seems like a spooky site on bluffs in the Philippines is really a time-honored tradition in a specific region of the country. The hanging coffins have existed on the sides of cliffs in Echo Valley in Sagada for at least 2,000 years. The Igorot people of this region engage in this practice because they feel that hanging their dead high on the sides of bluffs provides for their beloved deceased an easier passage to heaven. The placement also protects the dead from animals and floods. This culture embraces and prepares for death in advance-elders even carve their own coffins if they are physically able.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. There are coffins hanging off the sides of cliffs in the Philippines. 01:05

  2. Tribes believed that mounting coffins high on cliff faces allowed the deceased to be closer to their ancestral spirits. 01:23

  3. The Igorot people of the Philippines would headhunt neighboring tribes to show courage. 01:41

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