Coffee Was A Food Before It Was A Drink

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Imagine a world without any coffee to drink. Instead, there was coffee to eat. Wonder how Starbucks's business would be then... Crazy as it sounds, this was the case before it was discovered that coffee beans make for a powerful drink. Until that point, coffee was eaten in the form of an energy bar. We'll stick with the liquid stuff, thanks.

Early East African tribes were supposedly the first to get on the coffee train. They mixed up coffee berries (the unhulled coffee beans) with animal fat and turned it into an energy-packed snack. Sometime around 1,000 A.D., coffee on the Arabian Peninsula turned into the hot drink we know—and really, really love—today. Raise your mug! Get the whole story of the origin of coffee in the video below. (You're going to want to hear it; it involves dancing goats.)

The History Of Coffee

It all started with dancing goats. Seriously.

A Brief History of Coffee

Chew on this while you enjoy your next cup.

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The Origins Of The Coffee Cup Sleeve

This little guy doesn't get enough credit.

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