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Coconut Crabs

Coconut Crabs

Coconut crabs live on several islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans. Like hermit crabs, they inhabit shells as juveniles, but they ultimately outgrow the shells and move from the beach to the forest. There, they become exceptional climbers. To get at the flesh of coconuts, they rip at the husk and hit the shell with their pincers until it breaks. A group of coconut crabs is called a nightmare.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Coconut crab juveniles are much bigger than hermit crabs, so they tend to dominate the area they live in. 02:02

  2. Coconut crabs have a lifespan comparable to that of a human. 03:41

  3. Coconut crabs are omnivorous. They will eat foods from fleshy fruits to rotten flesh. 04:25

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