Cluster Headaches Cause Some Of The Worst Pain Imaginable

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Doctors haven't yet figured out the cause of cluster headaches. What they do know is that these headaches are some of the most painful events one can experience, and that they occur close together during "cluster periods." These periods can last for months, and often line up with a particular season of the year. Symptoms of a cluster headache can include excruciating pain around the eye or one side of the head and face, a stuffy nostril on that same side, eye redness, and a drooping eyelid.

Why do we get headaches? | Greg Foot | Ask Head Squeeze

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Tension headaches involve dull, aching pain, whereas vascular headaches include piercing migraines and cluster headaches. 00:54

  2. Tension headaches happen because you've been holding your muscles in a semi-contracted state for a long time. 02:01

  3. Taking pain medication over long periods of time can result in medication overuse headaches. 05:09

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