Cloning Your Dog Won't Bring It Back. Here's Why.

We're living in the future: it's possible to pay a company to make a clone of your pet. On the surface, this seems like great comfort to those suffering from the loss of their furry friend—but is it? Explore the issue in the video below.

Why Cloning Your Dog Won't Bring It Back

There's a lot more to your pet than its DNA.

The Science Of Dog Cloning

Find out how it works.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The company Sooam has cloned more than 600 dogs of various breeds. 01:09

  2. To clone a dog, Sooam needs an egg donor dog as well as a surrogate mother. 03:16

  3. Although cloned puppies can appear identical to the original dog, their personalities are shaped by the environment and other factors. 06:49

The First Animals Man Ever Cloned

Explore the history of animal cloning.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 18, 2016

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