Classy Insults From Latin And Greek

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Disclaimer: Curiosity doesn't condone insulting others. But when you do resort to insults, go ahead and class them up. We owe Latin for many valuable words, including "pediculous." Be sure to whip this one out in verbal sparring—because nothing shames your opponent more than calling them lice-infested. Learn more old-school insults and slang terms in the following videos (if anyone asks, they didn't come from us).

Learn Some Classy Insults

Go ahead and thank Latin and Greek for the following classy insults.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Sausages used to be referred to as "Bags O' Mystery" 01:17

  2. To "Hump the Swag" means to carry your luggage on your back. 04:19

  3. Cheating on your significant other was referred to as "Carrying Tackle," "Being on a Left-Handed Honeymoon," and "Groping for Trout in a Peculiar River" 05:43

What Did Latin Sound Like?

Veni vidi vici isn't pronounced how you think. How do we know? Find out with NativLang's video below.

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