Choi Gap-bok, 'The Korean Houdini'

Choi Gap-bok had practiced yoga for two decades, and measured a diminutive 1.6 m tall (5 ft, 4 in). His escape reportedly took only 30 seconds (plus a liberal application of skin ointment).

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Frank Abagnale escaped jail by pretending to be an undercover prison inspector. 01:48

  2. In 1934, John Dillinger escaped the Lake County Jail by wielding a bar of soap that had been sculpted to look like a gun. 03:34

  3. British pilots Bill Goldfinch and Jack Best planned to escape the prison camp at Colditz by building and flying a glider. 05:21

Written by Curiosity Staff June 25, 2015

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