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China Has A Death Simulator Ride

China Has A Death Simulator Ride

There is an industry in China that simulates the experience of dying. There are multiple ways to have this experience too. One way is to lay in a coffin in a place similar to a funeral home, and have a sheet laid over you as you listen to loved ones read epitaphs. This whole experience is costly, and lasts about five hours total. You can even experience the sensation of being cremated at a theme park in Shenzen. This ride is the Samadhi death game, and it has riders lay in a coffin that heats up to about 100 degree Fahrenheit to replicate cremation. Afterward, riders experience a rebirthing, as they're guided to a bright light that represents a uterus and start hearing a heartbeat.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. People in China can pay money to get into a coffin to experience their own funeral. 00:00

  2. China's Samadhi death game offers the experience of being cremated. 00:38

  3. The creator of the Samadhi death game said, "China made me rich, but it didn't teach me how to live a rick life I was lost." 01:27

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