World War I

Cher Ami: The American War Hero Carrier Pigeon

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Cher Ami is the name of an American hero, a hero that just so happened to be a carrier pigeon. Cher Ami flew 12 missions during World War I, saving 194 American lives. In 1918, the U.S. Army's 77th infantry division was stuck behind enemy lines, and more American troops were inadvertantly about to bombard their own trapped allies. Cher Ami then carried a crucial ceasefire message to the troops moving closer to the German lines. The bird flew 25 miles (40.2 km) in just 25 minutes to deliver the crucial message, saving dozens of lives. During the flight, Cher Ami lost an eye and suffered a bullet wound, but ultimately survived.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Route 66 runs from Illinois through California, and is a symbol of freedom from economic troubles via relocation during the Great Depression and more. 01:06

  2. Cher Ami was a carrier pigeon that flew 12 missions during World War I. 02:29

  3. Cher Ami the carrier pigeon made a 25-mi (40.2-km) flight to deliver a message during World War I. 02:42

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