Chaz Holder and Prosthetic Limbs

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Chaz Holder lost an arm in an industrial accident and both legs after a raceway crash, but, amazingly, he kept racing cars after the loss of his legs. Before he created his prosthetic limb designs, most prostheses required a socket attachment, which could not grow with the wearer. Holder, a factory-certified master mechanic for Ferraris, created prostheses that used slings instead of sockets, thereby increasing comfort and convenience. At the time of his death in 2002, he was working with the army to develop protective prostheses for people assigned clear minefields.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Chaz Holder studied medicine in Cambodia during the Vietnam War. 00:16

  2. Humans have used prosthetic limbs for thousands of years, but past designs have been unwieldy and uncomfortable. 00:48

  3. Holder's prosthetic limb models eliminated the need for a socket attachment, so users didn't have to worry about outgrowing theirsocket. 01:05

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