Chasing Science With Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is a prolific figure in scientific history, and is known for providing a theory of the Earth's origins now widely accepted in academic and scientific circles around the world. Darwin's theory of evolution helped pave the way for future scientific generations to explore and explain how our world came to be what it is today. Yet his quirks, like eating the animals he studied, made him as unique a person as his theories were vast. Still, despite his ground-breaking work at the time, Darwin was plagued by mental illness, including obsessive thoughts he said were a "horrid spectacle." It could be argued, perhaps, his unconventional way of thinking helped keep his spark of curiosity constantly lit.

Centuries after his death, however, his theories continue to both be refuted and expanded upon. Was Darwin's "On The Origin Of Species" correct, or is there a chance he could be wrong? What did his research with animals tell us about biology? Check out this playlist and learn more about Darwin's amazing life.

Written by Curiosity Staff February 11, 2015

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