Celebrate "Frozen Dead Guy Days" In Colorado

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In the small mountain town of Nederland, Colorado, a three-day festival brings in 15,000 people every year: Frozen Dead Guy Days. The huge celebrations includes live music, a hearse parade, a casket race, a frozen salmon toss, a frozen t-shirt contest, and more, all to celebrate a Nederland resident known as Grandpa Bredo. Bredo Morstoel was just a minor public official living in Norway. When Bredo passed, his grandson had him cryonically preserved in California. It was later shipped and stored in a shed in the small Colorado town. The year 2016 will see the 15th annual Frozen Dead Guy Days to celebrate the frozen Grandpa Bredo.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. There is a three-day celebration in Nederland, Colorado called "Frozen Dead Guy Days." 00:01

  2. The activities at Frozen Dead Guy Days include live music, a hearse parade, a casket race, a frozen salmon toss, and more. 00:20

  3. "Grandpa" Bredo Morstoel is the frozen dead guy stored in a shed in Nederland, Colorado. 01:23

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