Cats, Pigeons, Storks, And Other Animals Have Been Arrested

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It's not only humans who are at risk of getting arrested for breaking the law - non-human animals can, and have, been arrested too. For example, in 2013 in the European nation of Maldova, a cat was arrested in a prison facility. Guards noticed the cat sneaking through holes in the walls of the prison and eventually examined the cat. They found small bags of cannabis on the cat, and took it to a holding cell to prevent it from being used to smuggle drugs within the prison in the future.

10 Animals That Got Arrested

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. In 2013 in Moldova, a cat was arrested for carrying small bags of cannabis. 00:06

  2. In 2013 in India, a group of goats was arrested for vandalizing police cars. 00:40

  3. In Nigeria in 2009, a goat was arrested on charges of robbery. 03:46

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