Cashews Grow With Apples Attached

Cashews don't grow like peanuts or other nuts-they grow on trees and have sweet fruit attached. The medium-sized fruit-like growth attached to the cashew nut is called a cashew apple, and it is edible with a sweet flavor. To make matters more complicated, the cashew nut on top of the apple is not technically a nut at all. The cashew is actually a seed that is wrapped in several toxic layers to prevent animals from eating them. You can get rid of the toxic layers by roasting the nuts, which neutralizes the acids. However, the smoke from the roast is toxic as well.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The cashew contains two parts: the nut at the top and the fruit at the bottom. 00:45

  2. Cashews were discovered in South America and introduced to Europeans in the 1500s. 01:34

Written by Curiosity Staff October 31, 2014

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