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Can You Solve This Viral Addition Problem?

When this math problem was initially posted on Facebook, it included the claim that only one in 1,000 people could solve it. Will you be one of the lucky ones?

Here's the Puzzle

The problem goes like this:


1 + 4 = 5

2 + 5 = 12

3 + 6 = 21

Then 8 + 11 = ?

According to Presh Talwalkar of the YouTube channel MindYourDecisions, most people think the answer is 40. But that's not correct. Watch the video below or scroll down to find the correct answer.

Can You Solve This Viral Math Puzzle?

Get an explanation of the solution.


The answer to this brain teaser is 96. Watch the video to learn how to arrive at that answer.

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Written by Curiosity Staff September 12, 2016

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