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Can You Solve The Wood In The Hole Puzzle?

The wood in the rectangular hole math puzzle is not super difficult, but it could stump you at first. The problem is from Chris Seber, the math tutor behind the Math Meeting YouTube channel that offers brain teasers and handy tricks for mastering mathematics skills.

Here's the Puzzle

The puzzle we're talking about here goes as follows: You have a 8m x 3m slab of wood, and a 12m x 2m hole. You need to the cut the piece of wood into two pieces that will fit perfectly into the hole. Is it possible? How do you cut up that piece of wood? To hear and see how to solve this brain teaser, check out the video below. To read the answer, scroll down.

Can You Solve The Rectangle Hole Puzzle?

It's simple, but it could stump you.


It is possible to cut the piece of wood so that it perfectly fits in the hole. You can start cutting at the 2m mark on the 3m edge, and cut straight up one meter halfway through your first cut. Then, cut straight horizontally to the other edge. The end result is two identical L-shaped pieces. Watch the video above to see how it works.

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Written by Curiosity Staff October 4, 2016

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