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Can You Solve the Touching Marbles Logic Puzzle?

This is one of those riddles that will either take you two seconds, or all day. Give it a shot, and scroll down to find the answer. The marbles logic puzzle below was found on Mathisfun.com. Good luck!

Here's the Puzzle

You have six marbles: two are red, two are blue, and two are yellow. You must arrange these six marbles so that each one touches all four marbles of a different color at the same time. Scroll down to see the correct arrangement. No peeking!

Here's the Answer

In order for each marble to touch all four marbles of a different color, the six marbles have to be arranged as vertices of an octahedron. In other words, push four marbles (two colors) into a square, then put the remaining two marbles of the same color on either side of the middle of that square. Check out the graphic below for more clarity. Did you solve it?

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Written by Curiosity Staff April 14, 2017

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