Can You Solve The Toggler Brain Teaser?

Can You Solve The Toggler Brain Teaser?

Can you solve the toggler brain teaser? Here is the logic puzzle: There is one truth teller and four togglers in front of you. A toggler will answer a question with either a lie or the truth. But if you ask the same toggler again, they will answer the opposite of what they answered the first time. Togglers toggle between the truth and lies. For example, if a toggler's name is Zach and you asked his name and he said "Penelope," the next time you ask him the same question he will answer "Zach." Ask him again, and he will lie, but ask him another time and he will answer "Zach" (the truth) again. How can you find the truthteller by only asking two questions?


Key Facts In This Video

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    This is the toggler brain teaser: (0:57)

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    This is the solution to the toggler brain teaser: (5:54)

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