Can You Solve The Teresa's Family Logic Puzzle?

Can You Solve The Teresa's Family Logic Puzzle?

The logic puzzle about Teresa's daughter has generated a lot of discussion on social media. It seems quite simple, but it can definitely make your head spin a little. Here's the puzzle, as posed in a video on the MindYourDecisions YouTube channel by Preshtal Walkar: Teresa's daughter is my daughter's mother. What is my relationship to Teresa?

The puzzle is multiple choice. Are you: a) Teresa's grandmother, b) her mother, c) her daughter, d) her granddaughter or e) you are Teresa. It may help to draw out a family tree to help you figure our this relationship. Watch the video below for the solution, or scroll down to read to answer.

Teresa's Daughter Is My Daughter's Mother

Who is Teresa?!


You are Teresa's daughter. Teresa is your mother. So, of the multiple choices, the answer is (c). Did you figure it out? Watch the video above to find out how to land on that answer.

A Math Logic Puzzle

Once you find out who Teresa is, try a more math-centric puzzle.


from singingbanana

Key Facts In This Video

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    Here's the four card logic puzzle: (0:08)

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    Here's a logic puzzle (and answer to that puzzle) about four men who enter a bar: (1:01)

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    Here's the answer to the four card logic puzzle, explained: (1:41)

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