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Can You Solve The Teamwork Logic Puzzle?

Math problems don't always mirror your average real-world issues. (Surely a thought you had every day in trig class in high school, right?) This problem from the MindYourDecisions YouTube channel is all about efficiency, and could be applied to your real life. In case you need to know how long a job will take with a few skilled workers, this math could help give you a good estimation. Good luck!

Here Is The Problem

There are three people who need to complete a job: Alice, Bob, and Charlie. To complete a job, it takes Alice and Bob two hours. It takes Alice and Charlie three hours to complete the same job. It takes Bob and Charlie four hours to do the job. How long will this job take if all three people work together on this job? Scroll down to read the answer, or watch the video below to learn how to solve this problem.

Here Is The Answer

The job will take one hour and 51 minutes if all three people work together. Stumped? Watch the video above for the full explanation of how to work through this problem.

Written by Curiosity Staff September 9, 2017

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