Can You Solve The Superpower Pill Riddle?

How logical are you? Don't worry, this logic puzzle from the BrainCool Youtube channel barely requires any math at all—you just need to think creatively. Scroll down to read the rules of the superpower pills brain teaser, and keep scrolling to read the answer.

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Here's The Riddle

A chemist just developed some amazing pills. There are red pills and blue pills. If you took one red pill and one blue pill together, you would gain incredible superpowers. But overdosing on the pills—more than one red pill, or more than one blue pill—would kill you. The chemist gives you two pills of each color just in case you lose a pill. You're kidnapped on the way home and kept in a dark room—you must take the pills to gain your superpowers. The trouble is, the room is pitch black and you can't tell which pills are red and which are blue. How can you gain the superpowers with certainty in the dark room without overdosing? Watch the video below for the answer, or scroll down to read the answer.

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Here's The Answer

In order to gain your superpowers without overdosing in this dark room, you can eat exactly one half of each of the four pills. Did you solve it?

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Written by Curiosity Staff March 20, 2017