Can You Solve The Sprinter Brain Teaser?

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The sprinter brain teaser from mathematician Chris Seber may require a pencil and paper to figure out. Can you solve his sprinter brain teaser? Here's the puzzle: There are 25 sprinters, and only 5 sprinters can run in a single race. You can assume that a sprinter gets the same finish time every race. For example, if runner A runs his first race in 10.5 seconds, he will run his second race in 10.5 seconds as well. In only seven races, can you find the fastest three sprinters without a stopwatch? Watch the video below to see if this is possible.

The Fastest Men In The World Sprinter Puzzle

Can you solve this brain teaser?


Yes, you can determine the top three sprinters in 7 races without a stopwatch. Watch the video above to find out how you would do that.

Find The Heavy Ball Puzzle

There are 8 balls that look the same, but one is heavier than the rest.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Here is the find the heavy ball logic puzzle: 00:01

  2. Here is the solution to the find the heavy ball logic puzzle: 02:55

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