Can You Solve The Medal Of Honor Logic Puzzle?

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Can you solve the medal of honor logic puzzle? In the town of Logitown, the following is true: Anyone who's ever committed a crime always lies, and anyone who's totally innocent always tells the truth. The medal of reason has been stolen from town hall, and the police of Logitown have rounded up three suspects: Acey, Basie, and Casey. The police have evidence proving one of the three is the culprit, and one is totally innocent of any crime. They don't know if the other was ever committed a crime or not. And, of course, the police don't know which suspect is which. The interrogation is short, because Acey claims, "I stole the medal of reason!" And Basie says, "Yes, he did!" Casey stays quiet. The Logitown chief police closes the case and arrests the guilty suspect. Who stole the medal of reason, and which suspect has a completely clean record?

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