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Can You Solve The Magical Pond Puzzle?

This is the magical pond puzzle: There are three temples on a magical pond. Before visiting each temple, you must swim through the pond, so your path is pond, temple 1, pond, temple 2, pond, temple 3. After each swim, the pond triples the number of flowers you're carrying. You begin with some flowers, and you place the same number of flowers at each temple. You finish with no flowers. What is the least number of flowers you could have started with? How many flowers did you place at each temple? The answer to the logic puzzle can be found by watching the video below. Then, try your hand at some other brainteasers.

The Magical Pond Puzzle Solution

The answer to the tricky brainteaser above is in this video.

The Three Switches Puzzle

Which of the three switches is connected to the lamp in the attic? See if you can solve this puzzle.

The Seemingly Impossible Escape Logic Puzzle

Pay attention to the details of the story before giving your best guess.

The "What Are Their Ages" Puzzle

A census taker is trying to figure out the ages of three children...

Written by Curiosity Staff August 6, 2016

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