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Can You Solve The Lying Lion And Unicorn Logic Puzzle?

So you think you're logical? Try this lying lion and unicorn logic puzzle we found on Braingle.com. You may want to bust out the pencil and paper for this one. Read on for the logic puzzle, and keep scrolling to read the answer.

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Here's The Puzzle

Alice comes across a lion and a unicorn in the forest. The lion lies on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and speaks the truth the other days. The unicorn lies on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and speaks the truth the other days. Today, the lion tells Alice, "Yesterday I was lying." The unicorn replied, "So was I." Which day of the week is it? Scroll down to read the answer.

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Here's The Answer

Because both the lion and unicorn speak the truth on Sunday, it cannot be Sunday. In the puzzle, one of the creatures must be lying. Today must be Thursday, because the lion can truthfully say that he was lying on Wednesday. Because the unicorn lies on Thursday but tells the truth on Wednesdays, we know the unicorn is lying about lying on Wednesday and that today is in fact Thursday. Did you solve it?

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Written by Curiosity Staff March 30, 2017

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