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Can You Solve The Horse Grazing Riddle?

How good are your geometry skills? Try this math riddle from the MindYourDecisions YouTube channel about a horse grazing outside of a barn and test yourself. Good luck!

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Here's The Riddle

A horse is tied to the outside corner of a 20-foot by 10-foot rectangular barn. What is the maximum area the horse can graze outside if the rope has length L? Solve for L=5 and L=25, and find exact values. Scroll down to read the answer, or watch the video below to see how it's solved.

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Note: There are a few errors in the video below.

  • At 5:40, it should say "40 squared" instead of "40."
  • At 10:34, it should say "quadrilateral" instead of "rectangle."
  • At 12:44, it should say "large triangle" instead of "large rectangle."
  • At 14:55, the area is an approximate numerical value, not an exact equals sign.

Can You Solve The Horse Grazing Puzzle?

This is a very hard geometry problem. Keep in mind the video contains a few errors that we corrected above.

Here's The Answer

If the rope L=5, the horse can graze an area of 58.905 ft2. If the rope L=25, the horse can graze an area of 1,668.971 ft2. Did you get the right answers? Watch the video above to see how this is solved.

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Written by Curiosity Staff February 14, 2017

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