Can You Solve The Gymnastics Meet Logic Puzzle?

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Time to strap on the ol' thinking cap! This logic puzzle comes from BrainBashers.com. No worries if math freaks you out—this brain teaser won't require a calculator. Scroll down to read the puzzle, and keep scrolling see the answer.

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Here's The Puzzle

During a gymnastics meet, four girls competed in three events: the vault, the beam and the floor. Chloe came third on the floor. The girl who came second in the vault, won the beam event. The girl who came second on the beam won the floor. Jessica beat Alex in every event. The girl who won the vault came second on the floor. Caris came last in the vault. Who finished where in each event? Scroll down for the answer.

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Here's The Answer

These are the vault results: Jessica in first, Chloe in second, Alex in third, and Caris in fourth. These are the beam results: Chloe in first, Caris in second, Jessica in third, and Alex in fourth. These are the floor results: Caris in first, Jessica in second, Chloe in third, and Alex in fourth.

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