Can You Solve The Cat, Fish, Bird Riddle?

How good are your algebra skills? Test them out with this fun little brain teaser about toy animals from the MindYourDecisions YouTube channel. Good luck!

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The Riddle

A child spends $100.00 to get 100 toy animals. She buys at least one toy cat, one toy fish, and one toy bird, and does not buy any other toys. A cat costs $10.00, a fish costs $3.00, and a bird costs $0.50.

Do you know how many of each toy the child bought? Scroll down to read the answer and watch the video below to learn how this problem is solved.

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Can You Solve The Cat, Fish, And Bird Riddle?

Warning! The answer to this riddle is right below this video. Give this riddle a shot before peeping at the answer.

Here's The Answer

The child bought five toy cats, one toy fish, and 94 toy birds. Did you get it? Check out the video above to go step-by-step through the solving process.

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Written by Curiosity Staff January 31, 2017