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Can You Solve the Card-Flipping Psychology Logic Puzzle?

The card-flipping numbers and colors logic puzzle from Psych2Go is deceptively easy. Feeling up to it? Check out the brain teaser and the answer below.

Here Are the Rules

Here are the rules to this brain teaser: There are four cards laid out in front of you. One shows 11, one shows 8, one shows blue, and the last one shows red. For each card, one side has a number, and the other side is colored. If a card has an even number on one side, the other side must be red — but one card breaks this rule. Which card or cards are necessary to turn over to find the card that breaks the rule?

Watch the video below for the solution, or scroll down to read the answer. Good luck!

Can You Solve This Psychology Riddle?

Which cards do you flip?

Here Is the Answer

In order to know which card breaks the rule, you would need to flip over both the blue card and the card displaying an 8. Find out how to arrive at this answer by watching the video above.

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Written by Curiosity Staff October 13, 2016

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