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Can You Solve the Band Around the Earth Logic Puzzle?

We're not playin' so nice with this logic puzzle. This one requires some math skills — in particular, knowledge of geometry. We found the band around the Earth puzzle on Mathisfun.com, and you can read the problem and solution below. Good luck!

Here's the Puzzle

Someone made a band that stretches around the Earth's circumference (which is about 40,000 kilometers) in a perfect circle. One day, someone added 10 meters to the band. With this added slack, the band now magically sits just above the ground, still containing the Earth in a perfect circle.

How far is the band off the ground? Could a flea, a rabbit, or a man squeeze underneath it? Scroll down to read the answer.

Here's the Solution

With 10 meters added to the band, it will sit approximately 1.6 meters above the surface on the Earth. This is enough room for a man to fit beneath. Knowing the circumference of a circle is 2π x r (radius), we know that with the 10 meters added to the circumference, the new equation looks like this: 40,000 km + 10 m = 2π x (r + gap). We then know that the gap must equal 10 m / (2π), which shakes out to 1.6 meters. Did you solve it?

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Written by Curiosity Staff June 2, 2017

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