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Can You Solve the Apples and Oranges Brain Teaser?

The apples and oranges brain teaser from the MindYourDecisions YouTube channel is a tricky one. It involves logical thinking, and maybe even a love of fruit.

Here's the Brain Teaser

There are three boxes in front of you. One box has only apples, one has only oranges, and the last has both apples and oranges. The first box has the label "apples," the second "oranges," and the third "apples and oranges." Unfortunately, all of the boxes are labeled wrong, and you are tasked with fixing them. You aren't allowed to peek inside any of the boxes, but you are able to ask for a sample from any box. What is the minimum number of samples you need to label all of the boxes correctly? Can you figure it out? Check out the video below to learn how to solve this brain teaser, or scroll down to read the answer. Good luck!

Can You Solve the Apples and Oranges Riddle?

This question is said to have been asked in job interviews. Can you solve it?

Here's the Answer

The minimum number of samples you need in order to correctly label every box is just one. Did you get it? Check out the video above to see how this problem is solved.

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Written by Curiosity Staff January 20, 2017

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