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Can You Solve the ABCDE Math Puzzle?

Just because a problem is easy to explain doesn't mean it'll be easy to solve. So is the case of Scam School's ABCDE math puzzle. Best of luck!

Here's the Problem

Each letter in this equations represents a unique integer: AB,CDE x 4 = ED,CAB. Basically, this puzzle states that a five-digit number multiplied by four is equal to the same number written backward. Can you figure out the integer that each letter stands for? Scroll down for the answer — but definitely give it a try first.

ABCDE...FML This Challenge Is Hard

Watch until the end to get the solution to this head-scratcher.

Here's the Answer

In this problem, the number AB,CDE is 21,978. Check out the Scam School video to see exactly how to solve it.

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Written by Curiosity Staff January 13, 2017

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