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Can You Solve the 4 Equal Parts Puzzle?

Can you solve Presh Talwalkar's four equal parts puzzle? You'll need paper and a pencil.

Here's the Puzzle

There is one four-sided shape. Imagine the shape as a square with a bottom line that juts out farther to the right, so the non-horizontal side of the right of the shape is a diagonal line. You must divide this shape into four parts that are of equal size and shape.

Hint: use four shapes to build up to the starting shape, instead of cutting down the starting shape. Watch the video below or scroll down to find the solution.

The 4 Equal Parts Puzzler

Can you solve this?

Here's the Solution

You can divide the shape into four parts of equal size and shape by drawing the same shape scaled down. Check it out in the image below.

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 11, 2016

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