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Can You Do These Weird Body Tricks?

While one or more of these bodily talents may come naturally to some, to others they are impossible. Things like being able to touch your tongue to your nose as well as being able to wiggle your ears are actually hereditary. About only 10% of the general population can touch their tongues to their noses, and only 10-20% can wiggle their ears. It is also impossible to tickle oneself. However, people with schizophrenia are able to do this, seeing as they can disassociate themselves from parts of their bodies. Another uncommon act that few people can do is gleek. Gleeking is the act of saliva shooting out from underneath the tongue. Some people are able to gleek on command, whereas it can happen on accident in other people.

Things Most Humans Can't Do (TEST)

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The ability to wiggle your ears is inherited. 02:00

  2. People with schizophrenia are able to tickle themselves. 05:49

  3. Gleeking is the ability to project saliva from the submandibular glands upon compression by the tongue. 09:08

Written by Curiosity Staff November 6, 2015