Can You Creatively Solve This Tricky Logic Puzzle?

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Can you pass this creativity test? Supposedly, only 3% of people can solve this logic puzzle that requires creative thinking and problem-solving. You're a doctor, and a tumor is about to kill your patient. You can't perform surgery-but you have special ray guns. At a high intensity, the gun will the tumor, but will damage healthy tissue. At a low intensity, the gun won't damage the tissue, but won't kill the tumor. What can you do to save your patient without harming their healthy tissue? The solution requires logical thinking and creativity. (Hint: You have access to more than one ray gun.)

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. IBM 2010 survey of CEO's found that creativity was ranked as the most important quality for success. 01:12

  2. Merely telling people to be more individualistic and independent in their thinking leads to better performance in creativity. 03:05

  3. Taking a nap increases your chances of breaking through a creative block. 03:25

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