Can We Ever Close The Gender Pay Gap?

There's a sad truth about work in the United States: on average, women make 77 cents for every dollar men make for full-time work. This so-called "gender pay gap" affects many countries throughout the world, though its size varies from place to place. For example, despite being ranked #1 for gender equality for 8 years running, women in Iceland make only 82 cents for every dollar men make. In March of 2017, that country took a big political step to fight this injustice by passing a world-first law making it mandatory for companies to prove that they pay all employees the same, regardless of gender, ethnicity or nationality, or sexuality. Explore the political nuances and controversies of the gender pay gap in the videos below.

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Women In Iceland Protest The Gender Pay Gap

Is the Gender Pay Gap Real?

What People Miss About The Gender Wage Gap

Written by Curiosity Staff March 14, 2017

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