Can These Glasses Really Cure Colorblindness?

Approximately 8% of all men in the world suffer some form of colorblindness. It affects even fewer women. There is a startup from Berkeley, California called EnChroma that aims to help those with colorblindness. According to Donald McPherson, Ph.D., who is EnChroma's cofounder and vice president of products, these glasses work by "reestablishing the correct balance between signals from the three photopigments in the eye of the color deficient." In simpler terms, colorblind people don't receive as much red or green light as the average person, and the EnChroma glasses selectively filter light to correct that.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. 8% of all men of some form of colorblindness. 00:00

  2. Hitting people in the head, massive doses of vitamin C, and injecting snake venom into the eye were all utilized to cure color blindness during WWII. 01:17

  3. The color blind have an increase in the overlap of the wavelengths absorbed between their green and red cones. 02:52

Written by Curiosity Staff April 17, 2016

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