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Can Strategy Games Make You Smarter?

Researchers from Queen Mary University in London have found that playing strategy games, such as StarCraft, may boost cognitive performance in several areas. The study gathered 72 participants to play 40 hours of video games over a six- to eight-week period. Half the participants played StarCraft and half played The Sims. Results showed that the StarCraft players' performance in psychological tests as well as their speed and accuracy in cognitive flexibility tests improved.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. A study showed that playing Starcraft improved participants' ability to quickly adapt, switch tasks, and think about multiple ideas at once. 00:41

  2. Compared to a non-gaming control group, Super Mario 64 players showed an increase in grey cells. 04:34

  3. Playing 12 hours of an action video game did more for the reading skills of dyslexic children than a whole year of traditional reading treatments. 05:21

Written by Curiosity Staff March 14, 2016

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