Can Creativity Be Taught?

Legend has it that Paul McCartney composed the song "Yesterday" in a dream. Creativity rarely comes so easy, and tales like this might lead you to believe that some people are creative and some people just aren't. Fortunately, science shows this isn't true: a 2004 meta-analysis of 70 studies on creativity training found that well-designed programs really can help people think more creatively. The programs that were studied focused on improving such skills as divergent thinking (or coming up with multiple ideas for a given topic) and problem solving, and ended up boosting creative performance in students regardless of age, gender, and academic performance.

The Secret to Creativity

Key Facts In This Video

  1. There's no one hemisphere or area of the brain that accounts for creativity. 01:20

  2. A wandering mind might help your brain to restructure the way you look at a problem, leading to a boost in creativity. 02:15

  3. One study found that families who collectively scored higher on creativity tests were more likely to have an extra copy of the glucose mutarotase gene. 02:43

Written by Curiosity Staff April 29, 2016

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