Cameras That Can See Through Objects, Watch Light Travel, And More

These cameras capture images in ways that we never thought possible. See the light from a split-second flash slowed down by trillions of times, learn how a lens can look around a corner, and imagine what we'll be able to film in the next century!

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Researchers at MIT have created a camera with an exposure time of two trillionths of a second. 00:44

  2. Watch a pulse of light move through a bottle with help from MIT's super high-speed camera: 01:29

  3. Learn how an MIT camera can "see" around a corner: 03:41

Key Facts In This Video

  1. See how this camera uses laser light to track objects around corners: 00:34

  2. The camera that can "see" around corners is sensitive enough to capture single photons. 01:13

  3. A camera that can track objects from around corners could potentially be used in rescue missions with dangerous terrain, or in cars to detect oncoming vehicles. 02:08

Written by Curiosity Staff February 24, 2016

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