Buying And Selling Stocks For Total Beginners

This playlist makes it plain that anyone—yes, that means people with no investing experience at all—can buy, sell, and profit from stocks. Start off by learning what exactly a stock is and the ways in which investing can earn you money. Get familiar with trading strategies and terms, such as being long vs. being short. Then, zoom out on a global scale to examine the stock market and how it functions (and crashes). By the time you've completed the playlist, you should understand enough trading fundamentals to begin brainstorming about your very first investments.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Stock is ownership in a company, and it's measured in shares. 00:36

  2. Once you've purchased shares in a stock, you earn money when the price of that stock goes up. 01:11

  3. When you buy a stock in anticipation that its price will rise and you can then sell it to make a profit, you're being "long." 01:45

Written by Curiosity Staff October 26, 2015

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