Burial Revolution: New Ways Of Dealing With Dead Bodies

Laying in a coffin for eternity? That's so passé. These days, you can become a diamond, a coral reef, or even artwork on someone's wall. Check out some amazing new developments in the after-death industry, and start considering what you might want to do with your remains. (We're big fans of the mushroom death suit!)

This Suit Turns Corpses Into Edible Mushrooms

Wearing a mushroom suit after death may be one of the most eco-friendly ways to go.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The mushroom burial suit won the 2013 design for death competition at a funeral director convention in Austin, Texas. 00:13

  2. The Mushroom Burial Suit is embroidered with edible mushrooms to help decompose a body. 00:27

Your Loved Ones Can Keep Your Tattoos When You Die

Would you keep the tattoo of a deceased loved one as a memento?

3 Things To Do With Your Body After Death

You could become a diamond after you pass.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. 70% if England's population is cremated. 00:37

  2. Companies like LifeGem will use chemicals to extract the carbon from your ashes and turn into a diamond. 01:00

  3. Halmstad, Sweden uses their crematorium furnace to power homes in the town.  02:37

You Could Turn Your Remains Into A Coral Reef

Imagine becoming a home to fish and other marine life post-death.

Liquefying Bodies After Death

Alkaline hydrolysis produces less pollutants than cremation.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Alkaline hydrolysis is also known as liquid cremation. (Contrary to rumor, it does not involve acid.) 00:58

  2. Inside an alkaline hydrolysis machine, bodies are broken down by a hot, high-pressure mixture of water and lye. 02:07

  3. Alkaline hydrolysis is said to be a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation. 02:54

Written by Curiosity Staff March 3, 2016

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