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Bumblebees Can Be Taught (And They Can Teach Others, Too)

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Most people think insects are simple creatures, so it might surprise you to learn that they can be trained to do tricks. Well, kind of. Watch the video below to see how bumblebees can perform tasks to get treats, and then teach those tasks to others.

Watch A Bumblebee Perform A Simple Trick

Researchers found that once bumblebees learned to pull a string to get a treat, they taught other bumblebees to do the same.

Goldfish Can Play Fetch

A good reason why you should never leave a goldfish in a small bowl alone.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Researchers have successfully taught goldfish how to play fetch, push levers, do the limbo, and play a form of soccer. 00:26

  2. Goldfish have been shown to be able to recognize their masters, as well as pick a favorite. 00:47

  3. Researchers have taught carp to distinguish between classical music and blues music. 02:11

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