BRIXO Blocks Take Fun With Legos To A Smart New Level

Playing with toy blocks seems childish, right? Not so fast. BRIXO blocks are like Legos on steroids, and they've got a lot of potential to teach kids and adults alike.

Play To Learn

BRIXO blocks are coated in chrome and conduct electricity, which means they can add light, motion, or sound to any building block creation. They're perfectly compatible with Legos, so adding just a few BRIXO blocks to your Lego castle can give it new life. And since they are basically robotic instruments, BRIXO blocks make it socially acceptable for adults to play with blocks. (BRIXO aside, there are plenty of ways to help your kids learn with Legos!)

How Do They Work?

There are three main types of BRIXO blocks: connector, action, and trigger blocks (there's a battery block too, but that's not as cool). Connector blocks can create a circuit, and the action blocks gives your design light or movement. Trigger blocks give you control over the creation, whether you want to control it with a sound, light, or proximity sensor, or Bluetooth. It's playtime! Watch BRIXO in action in the videos below.

Building Blocks Meet Electricity

BRIXO is like Legos on steroids.

12-Year-Old Builds Lego Braille Printer

Building blocks keep getting cooler and cooler.

Written by Curiosity Staff October 11, 2016

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