Brain-To-Brain Communication Has Already Happened (Sort Of)

Brain-To-Brain Communication Has Already Happened (Sort Of)

Brain-to-brain communication is a holy grail of sorts for science, representing an age where telepathy becomes reality. And if some researchers are to be believed, we're getting close. A 2014 study successfully "sent" one-word messages across country lines from one subject's brain to another. However, they had to use some tech to do it, including EEG sensors and a transcranial magnetic stimulation system. This machinery helped them to translate letters into binary code, and then into flashes of light perceived by the recipient. The full process took 70 minutes to convey one word.


Key Facts In This Video

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    Scientists have tried to achieve brain-to-brain communication by inserting wireless communicating chips into the bodies of the sender and the receiver. (1:12)

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    Starlab managed to "telepathically" send a word to someone's brain by using computers, binary code, and a trans-cranial magnetic stimulation device. (2:14)

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    Scientists hope to one day place chips into people's brains that can control specific neurons. (4:07)

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