Braces Dissolve Parts Of Your Jawbone

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Though it sounds torturous, the process of breaking down and rebuilding bone in the body is a natural one. In fact, it can make your bones stronger! When subjected to a steady force, like the one applied by braces, areas of bone are broken down by cells called osteoclasts. When the force is removed, cells called osteoblasts arrive to rebuild the bone. The dissolving process takes around 72 hours to begin, whereas the rebuilding takes around 90 days. However, for permanent and fortified results, the affected area should be stabilized for around 10 months.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The periodontal ligament is located around the teeth, under the gums. It acts as a shock absorber that cushions your jaw from chewing forces. 00:30

  2. As braces put a steady force on teeth, parts of the jawbone are dissolved and rebuilt to accommodate the teeth's new positions. 01:26

  3. The human body replaces almost all of its original skeleton by the time it's one year old. 02:16

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