Bolivia's "Death Road" Is 69 Kilometers Long

Bolivia's "Death Road" Is 69 Kilometers Long

North Yungas Road connects Bolivia's capital, La Paz, to the town of Coroico. Driving up or down its 69 kilometers is extremely perilous due to fog, landslides, and the sheer cliff faces on its outer side. The road seldom gets any wider than three meters, and many crosses stand as memorials to those who have perished in accidents. These markers don't deter thrill-seeking tourists and mountain bikers, however. Take a trip down Death Road in this video.

World's Most Dangerous Road?

See what it's like to travel along Death Road.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    The Yungas Road was the first road that allowed vehicles to travel between Bolivia's lowlands and highlands. (0:21)

  • 2

    Paraguayan war prisoners built the Yungas Road in the 1930s. (1:01)

  • 3

    Watch mountain bikers zoom by the sheer cliff faces of North Yungas Road: (2:33)

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